Well worth my investment!
January 26, 2015

As a full-time teacher, I needed to make sure that the limited time with my committee was productive.

Using A+ Editing allowed me to have edits and revisions completed when I met with my committee, which in turn, allowed me to concentrate on the content of my study. In not one case, did my committee contradict edits and revisions from A+ Editing. The assistance I received saved me a great deal of time – well worth my investment!

Whitney Watkins
Doctoral Candidate
June 19, 2017
Customer Friendly and Quality work!

First, awesome job with customer service! I received very prompt responses and there was no hesitancy in answering my 2 million questions. I was given very clear instructions about the process and how everything would go. The Editor delivered my document when he said he would, and the prices were the most reasonable I had found! I also have some time constraints with my document and he adapted to my needs. Also, the quality of the work is notable. I appreciated the exchange of my colloquial language for scholarly writing. Overall, very positive experience!

Michael T. Callahan
Doctoral Candidate
September 19, 2017
Amazing Customer Service and Great Value

I only have great things to say. Frist the price was fair. It was nice to find out that price to get 150 pages edited was not outrages like I feared. Next, all responses were very fast. I do not think I ever waited more than 12-24 hours for an answer and many times, I heard back in less than an hour. The Editor answered my questions and explained very well why things were changed. I was left with a great final product that I am happy to call my own. As a side note, the Editor even worked through the Hurricane Irma to meet timelines that had been arranged. I know my writing is sub-par and I have a learning disability. I could not ask more support or a better experience than I received from A+ Editing. Thank you.